Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Review of the "As You Wish" series by Mindy Klasky

If wishes could come true, what would you do?

Mindy Klasky takes us on a delightful ride as she leads us through the lives of three young women staged to answer this very question in her "As You Wish" series. 

In Act One, Wish One, Kira is a stage manager at a small town theater that has just closed it's doors.

Wishing In the Wings shows us Becca, who is a producer at an off-Broadway theater. Unfortunately, she was just jilted by her boyfriend. Who disappeared. With her life savings.

Erin no longer has a job, a boyfriend, or a place to call home in Wish Upon a Star.  Unless she can get the notice of the producers for the exciting remake of Romeo and Juliet, she may have to give up on her dream of acting.

With humor, spunk, and more than one wish, Ms Klasky's heroines find new beginnings in the strangest places and love just around the corner.

Read them.  They will keep you emotionally invested to the end.