Sunday, February 8, 2015

Twas a Writer's Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land

the scribes were still writing to give Santa a hand.

They knew this new world was a world of "just me,"

but what could they write that would change it to He?

They 'mmmm'd and they 'ahhh'd from morning to night

and yet had to find the phrases just right.

Oh, Plato! Oh, Byron! Oh, Charles Dickens, please!

Please help us to find the right words with ease.

Dickens, you say! What could be better?

Let's look through his works. He's a master of letters!

I think I have got it. That little boy, Tim.

The one who's so happy. Let's take words from him.

When Santa dropped by to see what they'd done,

They shouted, "God bless us, everyone!"

"Oh, my," he exclaimed. "That's perfect, you know.

How to help others in Christ's birthday show."

I thought I would start adding little snippets of poetry that I write.  At least, so I have a record of it. But will continue with the book reviews as I love to read and write, and it gives me a little of both.

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