Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I, Eye, Aye by Sharon Sherman  2015

What's in an eye? Aye, I'll tell you!

With a nip and a tuck, it can change your whole view.

Most people 'cept me generally have two.

It's been said they're the windows straight to the soul,

one ruse of many, so I am told.

I use mine to admire the natural beauty

of wind, sea, and sky. That is my duty!

Billy here cries when onions he chops.

Or when a fine plate he covets, he drops.

Grumpy here frowns, his eyes all ablaze

when Benji has stole his last donut glazed.

Benji lies down, his eyes looking up

to see if we've noticed his quiet hiccup.

Murphy's eyes crinkle with merry and mirth

to see his fair home, this side of Perth.

McDougal, he flops when he's down in his cups,

eyes all glazed over, cut off from his sups.

Mary stands hearty, she's one of the guys.

Her love for us surely comes straight from those eyes.

When all's said and done, the 'ayes' have it now.

If you look in each eye, they go down with a bow.

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