Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Review of The Infinite Series by L. E. Waters

Review of The Infinite Series by L. E. Waters

Currently, there are three books to this series, Infinite Sacrifice, Infinite Loss, and Infinite Devotion. Hopefully, soon to be four with Infinite Faith.

The premise of Ms. Waters books are part metaphysical, part historical, and completely entertaining as this fictional account of one person's voyage to the afterworld weaves a story of incarnations both illuminating and heart-rending. 

At the beginning of Infinite Sacrifice, the lead character has just died. She finds herself relaxing on a beach chair with her guide. She is anxious to see her dear friends, only to find that she must first reacquaint herself with her previous lives. And therein lies the excitement that Ms. Waters has brought to these stories. Each life story, complete in itself, is totally gripping and fascinating to watch in your mind's eye. Discovering the characters as they are reincarnated in each life adds mystery and skill, while immersing you in the current life - until you forget - there is a larger story. 

As each book ends, the character finds there is a pattern to these lives that must be understood. 

Ms. Waters has done an excellent job of developing both the characters and the plot so you beg for more. I know I did.

When you have finished reading the first three books, go to her website, www.infiniteseries.net and sign up for her notice on the next installment in the series.  Then find another good book to take your mind off of the waiting!

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