Saturday, March 7, 2015

Prose or Poetry? by Sharon Sherman

Beauty lies among these lines

  of equal measure, beat and rhyme,

spaced amid the tripping tongue,

  a true delight for everyone.

How foul the words that come to me,

  (for sure, that"s how it seems to be),

when writing deeds of nastiness,

  it claims the power to depress.

But when the words are light and airy,

  bespeaking acts of friends or fairy,

twinkles lie among the lines

  evoking smiles and fun, this time.

"Oh, Romeo, my Romeo!"

  My love has asked where doest thou go.

For romance has its own sweet song,

  to move the heart, so right, so wrong.

And if you read this little ditty

  looking for an unrhymed gritty,

you'll not be satisfied with these,

  these lines of thought that rhyme with ease.

1 comment:

  1. deeds of nastiness...why do I have an uneasy feeling, reading this, that Tecumseh is in a shallow grave somewhere?