Saturday, February 14, 2015

Twas the Day Before Christmas by Sharon Sherman

Twas the day before Christmas, the house was a mess.

My hair was all frizzy, this must be a test.

My husband's still sleeping, I just didn't care.

I tripped on a truck and flew up in the air.

On doll shoes, on marbles, on tea sets and crayons.

On blankies, on Legos, so much to lay on.

I dropped on them all like a mother of four.

I'll not have another, by God, this I swore.

I stomped to their bedroom by this time a fright,

swung open the door. What I saw wasn't right.

No clothes on the floor, no shoes in the bed.

No baseballs or footballs. Just neatness instead.

Away from the room, I flew down the hall,

threw open a door and gasped at it all!

Their t-shirts were folded and placed on a shelf.

Ribbons and bows they'd collected themselves.

One more I would try as I crept down the hall

and opened the door, making sense of it all.

One grinning husband, so handsome, so bright,

"We waited until you had gone nighty-night."

I brushed my sore elbow and smoothed out my jeans.

The spirit of Christmas was here, so it seemed.

Life is a gift that always surprises.

It twists and it turns. It brings many crises.

But when you're not looking too closely it brings

the love of a family. The sweetest of things.

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