Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sometimes, we're too busy to sit on the back porch. We need to - heaven forbid! - clean the house, drive the kids to the soccer game, or fix the nightly feast.

When time is of the essence, consider books on tape, cd, or mp3. Yes, they cost loads new. But they don't cost a penny at your local library!

Audio books are entertaining not just because of the words, but because of the narrator's voice. My favorite, Barbara Rosenblat, will inspire me to pick up a book I know nothing about. And, it is usually a good choice.

As it states on her web page: "Barbara Rosenblat is one of the most respected and popular narrators of Audiobooks in the country. Critics and fans have long praised her for her deft handling of characters and dialects across a wide spectrum of classics, mysteries, bestsellers and romances."

So, some of the books I review will be recorded books.
If you have a particular author or book you would like reviewed, let me know.

And don't forget recorded books - at your library!

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  1. Love our local library...books are just the beginning of what they have!