Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Adventures of Irene Sumner by Joyce McDonald Hoskins

This aptly-named book tells of four separate tales affecting the lives of a retired, middle-aged heroine, Irene Sumner, her family, and her friends.

There is a special connection between Irene and her ex-husband, Jack. New boyfriends, guns, and criminals get in the way of any relationship they might have, testing the strength of that connection, but fate brings them back to each other once and for all.

Joyce McDonald Hoskins, a prolific writer, has written several books in addition to many short stories. Her novels, all fiction, have a unique feel-good quality that is all Joyce and very readable. Her characters are colorful, witty, and part family. Chick-lit at its finest, I can picture Cary Grant humming, Goodnight, Irene to Irene Dunne in Jack's first scene. And I melt.

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  1. Just a few pages into the book, Joyce's characters became old friends to me. I couldn't wait to see what new quandary they would find themselves in!