Saturday, March 10, 2012

Love in a Nutshell by Janet Evonovich and Dorien Kelly

Mss. Evanovich and Kelly weave a delightful fantasy where-smart-girl-in-trouble meets man-of-her-dreams with attraction electrifying their encounters. Inevitably, things go awry. Through cunning and pure dumb luck, everything seems to work out in the end.

While Mss. Evanovich and Kelly have colorized the characters and developed an exciting relationship between the two main characters, Kate and Matt, it is the ending rather than the story that holds the reader's interest. Being a native Michigander, I appreciated references to one of my favorite cities, Cherry Capital of the United States, Traverse City. And the craft brew lessons were informative and, may I say, a bit crafty. 

If you expect fun-loving villains that have a surprising better side, you won't find them here. The villains do show up and they do have a redeeming side, but they are neither fun-loving, nor embarrassed by their better points, but rather hide the fact that they are not what they seem.

On its own, the story is cute and cuddly, and as my friend, Joyce, says, "It's great to have a bubble bath book to read every once in awhile.

But if you are expecting the Evanovich style where there are quirky one-liners to make you smile and flirty innuendos to make you drool, you just might be a bit disappointed.

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